Cyber Threat: “Sizeable proportion” of businesses lack protection

Rebekah Valero-Lee IT


Government figures published recently warn that a “sizable proportion” of UK businesses are under-prepared in the prevention of cyber attacks that could result in the loss of customer data.

The survey by DCMS covered 1,523 British businesses and revealed that the average cost per attack was £1,570, rising to £19,600 for larger companies. The most common type of attack identified in the report was fraudulent emails, which affected 72% of companies that experienced a problem. One large wholesale business reportedly receiving 340,000 such emails in a year.

Other incidents involved viruses and malicious software being downloaded onto companies’ computer systems, and employees’ identities being stolen and used in emails or online. The outcome of such attacks for businesses included the temporary loss of files or network access, and systems breaking.

Companies in the communications, real estate and scientific and technical services industries were all identified as being common targets for breaches.

The news comes after a year in which cyber attacks regularly hit the headlines, with high profile breaches at companies including Three Mobile and Tesco Bank and resulting in the loss of swathes of personal information and millions of pounds.


Article taken from The Telegraph