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We all know relocating for work can be a daunting prospect but broadening your job search by location opens up more varied job opportunities, potential higher earnings and a chance to meet new people and experience new places. With a number of civil infrastructure projects happening in the UK at the moment, opportunities are endless.

Here’s a roundup of the biggest infrastructure projects to date:

UK Wide – Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management

Last week, the chancellor announced an extra £700m in flood defence funding on top of the £2.3bn planned spending for its 6- year programme. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to be part of various infrastructure projects taking place all over the UK. Key projects include: Lincshore project, Thames Estuary Phase 1, River Thames (Datchet Teddington) Boston Barrage/Barrier Works, Rossall Coastal Defence Improvement and Oxford Western Conveyance.

North – HS2, Manchester Redevelopment and Dual Carriageways

It’s been dominating the headlines but HS2, the planned high-speed railway linking Leeds and Manchester (and London with Birmingham) is now on the lookout for employees. The HS2 project is comprised of two phases and is to be fully completed by 2033 with jobs like Project Engineers and Infrastructure Maintenance Engineers on offer. Continuing in Manchester, construction workers are in high demand as a £75m hospital will be built next to the existing MRI (Manchester Royal Infirmary). Not only that but Manchester’s reputation for innovation also gets a welcome boost with a £60m Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre set to be constructed. Whereas in the North East, there will be further improvement and maintenance of the A1 – an essential link both to and within the North East. These changes will ensure that for the first time there will be dual carriageway from London to Ellingham – 33 miles north of Newcastle.

South – A14 Scheme, Thames Tideway and Bristol Temple Meads

This month in Cambridge, the road improvement scheme begins on the A14 as major developments depend on it. For example, the planned new Northstowe 10,000 home village, the Alconbury Enterprise Zone, and the expansion on the northern and eastern fringes of Cambridge. For the Thames Tideway project in London which started last year, a 25km sewer is being built to protect the River Thames from increasing levels of untreated sewerage entering the river. The completion date is currently 2023 and is a top priority as around 20 million tonnes of untreated sewage a year will be flushed into the river if the Tunnel is not built. The tunnel has vacancies in positions such as Site Engineers and Project Planners. Network Rail, the landlords of Bristol temple Meads, the historic building, are planning a radical £100 million revamp of the Victorian structure as part of work to regenerate the area around the station. Last but not least, Hinkley Point C, the nuclear power station that will deliver 7% of UK electricity and is seen to be part of the South West Powerhouse, has now got the government’s go ahead and the construction itself will produce 25,000 jobs from construction to civil engineering to security and site services.

Finally, it’s clear there are numerous opportunities available around the UK due to these infrastructure projects, whether you’re relocating or not. To view our latest jobs, click here.

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