How to Attract and Retain the Best Talent

Rebekah Valero-Lee Candidate Advice


From recruitment strategies to employee benefits to training, HR professionals never stop creating a continuous improvement culture. With today representing the National Best Companies Day, we take a look at how HR, the specialists that develop the work force, are attracting and retaining the best talent.

Attract the Best

Although it may seem obvious, there is a lot more to attracting the best talent than salary scales. In today’s skills-short marketplace many HR practitioners are adopting an ‘employer of choice’ strategy, offering a variety of employee benefits by understanding employee issues that impact retention. For instance, creating a positive company culture and meaningful work environments, supporting career entrepreneurship and flexible working can all help to create a strong employee value proposition. Now more than ever creating innovative talent management strategies is essential for HR departments and their objectives.

Retain and Maintain

Retaining key talent is a major worry with more than 80% of companies, especially with newer generations changing jobs more frequently. Central to talent retention success is employee engagement, as a happy and fulfilled workplace will, in theory, be more productive, so maintaining levels of engagement is vital. HR should fully understand their company culture and ensure it matches with its mission statement, and if not, make changes to have them realigned.

Development from Day One

Above all else, HR practitioners need to be thinking about development from day one when looking at attracting and retaining the best talent. The aim of talent development is to generate a high-performance organisation that meets the company’s strategic and operational goals. By adopting an approach which continuously upskills employees from initial employment you’re ensuring your talent is the best talent.

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