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Shaun Powell receives ‘Trainee Teacher of the Year’ award

Rebekah Valero-Lee morson news

Shaun Powell

In October 2016, Shaun Powell, Ground Technical Instructor at the Leonardo Wildcat Training Centre was awarded the Diploma in Education and Training (Level 5) as well as the very unexpected ‘Trainee Teacher of the Year’ award from the Yeovil University Centre. The course involved two years of night school at Yeovil College University Centre alongside regular observations of his lessons at the Wildcat Training Centre.

As a Ground Technical Instructor at Morson working at the Leonardo Wildcat Training Centre, he is part of a team of eleven instructors responsible for delivery of helicopter training to the British Army and Royal Navy aircrew and ground crew. Specialising in the Avionics trade, Shaun teaches the latest technological upgrades that are incorporated in the Wildcat. These include the new digital cockpit display system, updated navigational sensors and integrated tactical and weapon systems. Morson Technical Services, which provides ‘whole workforce solutions’ was selected by AgustaWestland back in 2012 to provide a training team responsible for delivery of helicopter training and Shaun is now an essential part of this team.

Previously serving as a member of the Royal Navy for 24 years, Shaun has worked on several aircraft types, but he emphasises that “the Wildcat was by far the most interesting and challenging”. It has however, provided him with the relevant knowledge and experience to teach the Army, Navy and Ministry of Defence personnel that undertake courses at the Wildcat Training Centre.

Having never ‘formally’ taught before, Shaun decided to undertake a teaching course in order to enhance his work at The Wildcat Training Centre. Shaun states that the course has “helped his understanding of the philosophy of teaching, and the different techniques required to inspire students.”


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