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Location, Location, Relocation – Your Opportunity

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author: Rebekah Valero-Lee

​With significant investment at dockyards across the UK resulting in huge shipbuilding job opportunities, the prospect of relocating for work, is rapidly looking like a favourable option for many skilled trades people in the engineering industry.Click here for more information on our latest engineering jobs at shipyards across the UK.

However, the decision to relocate can be daunting and it is important to thoroughly assess whether it’s the right path for you.

New opportunities

Taking a job opportunity in your current town or city offers the obvious benefit of stability however open your mind to relocation and you may discover a wealth of opportunity not available to you in your local area. Broadening your job search by location opens up more varied job opportunities, potential higher earnings and a chance to meet new people and experience new places.

So, what roles are out there for me?

There is no doubt that 2017 promises to be an exciting year for the UK engineering industry. Morson are seeing a huge influx of engineering jobs at shipyards across the UK, which is an encouraging sign for the economy. As the UK’s largest supplier of marine trades Morson has a significant number of roles at several prominent shipyards across the UK (have a look here). These roles are varied and diverse, with both trades and white collar opportunities in electrical and mechanical to design and logistics. Our locations are as diverse as the roles available and span across the country from Glasgow to Plymouth.

Continuity of work

As suppliers to all the major shipyards within the UK, Morson can therefore easily facilitate the transfer of contractors to other contracts, ensuring continuity of work.

Not only that, but for our marine and shipbuilding positions in particular, we security clear many of our contractors for the repair of nuclear submarines and this clearance is transferable. Therefore, for those who want to experience somewhere new, up their skill level and advance engineering industry, then relocating for work could be the answer.

Next steps

If the idea of relocating for work appeals but you’re still unsure of what the transition entails then, here at Morson, we have onsite teams offering exceptional contractor care who help with re-location and other enquiries. If permanent relocation seems unfeasible, many of our roles offer the benefit of a regular shift pattern, navigating the need for a permanent move, allowing you to split your time between work and home throughout the week.

To apply and find out more about the exciting engineering jobs on offer in the marine and shipbuilding industry, please click here. Relocating for work could change everything.

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