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Engineering Careers in Canada: Bright Future Ahead

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author: Rebekah Valero-Lee

Warren Bennett, the vice-president of Morson International Inc. Canada, gives us an overview of the current job market and what this means for engineering careers in Canada.

Canada has always had a candidate-driven market and cities that have a strong manufacturing presence tend to have the strongest demand for engineers, with Toronto being one of them. However, a steep drop off in oil prices, which accounts for an estimated 8% of the GDP in Canada has had a large impact on the oil industry, slowing down the engineering sectors’ economic growth dramatically over the past few years. Yet, despite this setback, experts predict a stronger 2017 due to rebounding oil prices and more investment in construction, manufacturing and infrastructure across Canada as a whole, boding well for engineering careers in Canada. This is already evident within the rail sector, with the Eglinton Crosstown, Finch extension, Hurontario Line and GO! expansions representing over $7bn investment in Toronto alone.

Consequently, the need for skilled engineers has never been greater and with many high-profile projects on the horizon, there will be plenty of exciting engineering careers in Canada. Within shipbuilding, a total of 38 new vessels are on order (21 combat and 17 non-combat) and $40bn has been committed to increase Canada’s search, rescue and defence capabilities. As Canada hasn’t built a ship in over 30 years, there is a crucial necessity to ensure the skills gap is filled. To add to the project, there will be investments in a search and rescue aircraft (C27-j) on the Atlantic coast, once again contributing to the demand for high quality engineers. In relation to aerospace, imposing NATO requirements have resulted in upgrades to the CF-18 Hornets and interim orders of the Super Hornets, benefiting a host of Canadian and international businesses. There is no doubt that the increased amount of funded government projects is producing a buoyant job climate for engineering careers in Canada, with substantial growth on the east and west coasts.

Among the key drivers of economic and societal growth is the rail industry, one of our specialist sectors. In the surrounding Toronto area, a rail project currently underway is the subway extensions and the increased capacity of the GO! passenger service. Aside from Toronto – Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal have light rail transit and underground rail projects due to start in the coming years, totalling over a $12bn investment. This investment emphasises the current surge in demand within the rail sector, as RAM’s engineers, project managers and anything light rail is being very much sort after.

Since Canada’s economy is predominantly stable, 2017 will prove to be a fundamental year in terms of the impact the high-profile engineering projects have on the Canadian economy. Here at Morson International Inc. Canada, we have a range of positions available working on these key projects, and so, the year ahead continues to look promising for engineering careers in Canada.

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