A Day In The Life of a Recruiter – Shannie Cole Tells All

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Shannie Cole is a resourcer at our Bristol office. Recently nominated for an industry award, she describes herself as ambitious, outgoing and caring, and her lives by the simple motto “work hard and be nice to people.”

I usually get in for 09:00 – 08:30 if I’m lucky (usually after a long commute – over an hour!). I log into my computer and first of all check my emails and get my diary and job specifications out to look at what I’m going to be focusing on for the day ahead. I usually write in my diary a week in advance, highlighting the most important things – my diary is extremely colourful and I like to take a methodical approach to my workload.

I make a list of my daily objectives, ready for our 09:30 meeting. Daily objectives are smart and measurable, so I look at how many CVs I will send, interviews to be confirmed along with business development activities and any offers I am expecting. In our meetings, we all take turns taking notes and typing them out and send them to Ian, ready for our 16:30 round up.

After our meeting, I log into Broadbean and sift through the job applications I’ve received. If I get a good application, I will call them immediately. Once I have gone through job applications, I start resourcing. I can sometimes have up to 10 live jobs on at one time, so prioritising is key!

I mainly resource roles in aerospace engineering for Ian, Louise and Katie. I aim to get around 2 – 3 good quality CVs out a day and in an ideal world would like 4 – 5 interview requests a week. The majority of my role as a resourcer is spent on the phone, talking to candidates. I leave messages, send texts and emails to candidates who I can’t get hold of at the time. I also, confirm interview requests over the telephone and then send out interview confirmations via email.

I usually take lunch at about 13:00 and do some online shopping or pop to the mall. After lunch, I focus my efforts on business development for around an hour. I’ve been working alongside Louise, adding new precision engineering clients for the South West. I’ve been researching key contacts such as Technical Directors and Operations Directors and finding out their email addresses. I aim to send around 15 – 20 introductory emails to new contacts.

At about 15:00 I then go back to resourcing roles again, but different to the ones I had been looking at in the morning. I enjoy resourcing as I like to find good calibre candidates and help them secure their ideal job. Any jobs that I have live, I ensure are advertised, so some part of my afternoon includes writing job adverts and advertising them through Broadbean.

At 16:30, we have our round up meeting of our daily objectives; Ian will go through what we had set in the morning and see if we have managed to meet them. I often stay past 17:30 to get hold of candidates, as it pays off in the long run!

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