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Graduating from Old School to Disruptive Technology

Rebekah Valero-Lee employers

Adrian AdairAdrian has been Morson International’s Operations Director for the past five years. Adrian’s passion for innovation and commitment to delivering tailored solutions to employees, candidates and clients alike puts him at the forefront of our industry.

Read what Adrian has to say about the latest technology to hit graduate recruitment;

Regardless of your sector, technology is a game changer.

The challenge is to understand how technology can help you to do the tasks that are core to your business more efficiently and engage with stakeholders more effectively. It must be appropriate to your company and accessible to users in order to genuinely add value and drive positive change.

Grad DNA, a new app-based graduate selection tool, is a piece of technology that has impressed us by fulfilling all those DNA-Imagecriteria. Indeed, the app has fascinated us so much that we are discussing development ideas and ways in which Morson’s recruitment and selection expertise can partner with this innovative technology.

So what does Grad DNA do? Former Morson client and founding director of Grad DNA, Stephen Reilly, explains: “The app is specifically designed to help companies recruit suitable graduates in a much more targeted and streamlined way, while helping candidates to identify roles that are genuinely suited to their interests, qualifications, goals and personality.

“In the past, graduates have applied to multiple recruitment schemes, often with a scattergun approach and a demoralising stream of rejections.

“Meanwhile, graduate recruiters have been bombarded with a huge volume of CVs with a homogenous collection of appropriate academic qualifications but no genuine insights about whether the individual candidates are a good match for their organisation in terms of skills, motivation, personality and working culture.

“Grad DNA’s response is to enable graduates to complete aptitude and psychometric tests via the app to enable pre-selection of candidates for recruiters.”

The app demonstrates an inspired combination of specialist expertise and functional technology that means recruiters will need to review fewer candidates with pre-assessed suitability for the role based on much more than academic success.  Meanwhile graduates will be updated with new roles for which they have an excellent chance of success.

It’s also ideally tailored for the target demographic: today’s graduates have spent their formative years with a mobile phone in their hands so completing an assessment on an app is second nature to them.

Morson is already working with Grad DNA on an apprenticeship version based on the same model.  We are a people business and successful selection is all about matching the individual to the role. What’s inspired us about this technology is that it does not replace human interaction but extends it to reach and assess candidates via a channel that’s ideally suited to the purpose.

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