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Do You Know Your EVP From Your Gen X?

Rebekah Valero-Lee employers

Adrian AdairAdrian has been Morson International’s Operations Director for the past five years. Adrian’s passion for innovation and commitment to delivering tailored solutions to employees, candidates and clients alike puts him at the forefront of our industry.

Read what Adrian has to say about managing Generation Y, attracting Generation X and how to develop your employee value proposition;

Recruitment and resourcing is full of acronyms. On the face of it, our role in finding candidates that match our clients’ requirements may seem simple. In reality, attracting applicants with the right skills, experience and personality can be more complex than you might think.

While and digital businesses may have a deserved reputation for being run by young whipper-snappers at every level,EVP-GIF-FINAL-Dates

most companies employ a varied age demographic across the team to ensure they have the range of skills, experience and innovative thinking they need.

The problem is, it can be difficult to create a company culture that is equally attractive to all the individuals that make up that target demographic of potential employees. When we consider the cultural differences between Generation X, Generation Y, Millennials, Baby Boomers etc and what they’re looking for in an employer, it soon becomes clear how difficult it is for a company to be all things to all candidates.

It’s an issue that we’ve experienced first-hand and we’re now utilising the strategies we’ve implemented successfully for ourselves to help our clients.

As a people-focused company, we began by applying the family principles at the heart of our business to the way we operate, with a clear focus on respecting every employee, regardless of age, gender, role or experience. Our senior team is hands on and staff are rewarded for ideas that help deliver our goal of continuous improvement, ensuring that they feel valued and engaged.

It’s an approach that has helped us buck the trend of high staff turnover that’s rife in recruitment and we hold an annual awards dinner that recognises employees that have reached long-service milestones with us.

So how does all of this enable us to help our clients? Our company culture has been nurtured and communicated as an employee value proposition (EVP) that supports our attraction and retention strategies across skills and experience requirements and we are now passing our understanding of EVP development on to our clients.

We help them understand what motivates and appeals to different generations so that they can build that into their EVP to recruit and retain staff. The competition for talent is fierce, particularly in growth sectors such as engineering and employing a mixed demographic is an essential part of continuity planning and business development.

So if your business is too heavily dependent on your Gen X team, perhaps it’s time you talked to us about your EVP?


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