Can LinkedIn help me get a job in nuclear?

Rebekah Valero-Lee Power, Nuclear and Utilities


If you’re looking for jobs in the nuclear industry, it’s time you browsed LinkedIn. Many presume that social media is used primarily for professional services, and not for manual roles, but this just isn’t true.

Currently, there are over 80,000 members of LinkedIn with skills in nuclear engineering – and this will be steadily increasing as more join the platform. You can search through hundreds of different jobs, all of which are looking for candidates with skills in ‘nuclear’ or ‘nuclear engineering’ in the UK.

Our post – Why You Should Be On LinkedIn – explains the opportunities that this platform can provide to a candidate looking for work. For example, 94% of recruiters use, or plan to use social media for recruiting, and more and more are turning to LinkedIn to recruit new employees. In fact, 89% of all recruiters have already reported hiring a candidate through LinkedIn. All levels are advertised on LinkedIn, from graduate roles to senior nuclear roles. if you’re asking ‘Can LinkedIn help me get a job in nuclear?’ continue reading…

Keep tabs on potential employers

Jobs in nuclear are advertised daily on LinkedIn – from project manager positions and planning engineers to surveyors for some of the biggest companies in the industry. As well as the job listing pages, tracking individual company pages can also help improve your employment search. You can browse through businesses specialising in nuclear engineering, see what they’re up to and if they’re hiring.

Don’t neglect your profile

Your LinkedIn profile is visible to everyone, including recruiters, which is why it needs to be up-to-scratch. Add all your relevant skills in order to get noticed in your sector, ask colleagues and employers to endorse you and use industry search terms throughout the content. It’s important you build your profile because essentially, it’s your online CV. Keep it concise, relevant and well written.

Use posts to demonstrate your interests and knowledge

LinkedIn has tens of thousands of posts about nuclear, from articles to presentations, which make it a great platform to keep up-to-date with industry news. Posting on LinkedIn yourself creates interaction and gets you in front of the people hiring. Interact with other people’s posts about nuclear, share, like and add your own comments.

Make the most of groups

Another way LinkedIn can help you get a job in nuclear is through groups.  There are hundreds of private and public groups on LinkedIn focused around nuclear, for example Networking for Nuclear Engineering & Nuclear Professionals and Top Nuclear Jobs. Post updates in these groups, meet other professionals and increase your visibility in the industry. Building these relationships can help get a job in nuclear as you are demonstrating your knowledge, expertise and status in the sector.

And finally, it’s simple: If nuclear companies are on LinkedIn, you should be too!

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