5 Top Tips to Help You Settle into a New Job

Rebekah Valero-Lee Career Advice


Congratulations – The search for your new job is over!

You have been short-listed as the successful candidate and it is now time to look forward to the next stage of your career.

But amongst the feelings of excitement and anticipation, starting a new job can also be daunting. There is a lot to learn and the change can be confusing.

Check out these top tips to help your transition period run a little smoother:


  1. Make a good impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression – so make it a lasting one. Listen to your colleagues, ask questions and take notes. Show your enthusiasm and willingness to get involved and learn. Be organised and plan your time efficiently.

  1. Build relationships

Take the time to get to know individuals in your department and how they function as a team. This will help to gauge your position and how you can add value to the running of the department.

Introduce yourself to new people you meet within the company. This will allow you to develop an understanding of how everyone fits in to the business and build on your knowledge of company operations. Becoming familiar with people from across the business will also help with understanding who you need to contact to meet certain requests or demands.

  1. Set your goals

Familiarise yourself with your job description and gain an understanding of what is expected of you. Set yourself targets to reach which will allow you to monitor your performance as well as meet achievable goals. This will also help you manage your time effectively and feel that you are making accomplishments in the first few weeks of your new role.

  1. Use your initiative

Develop an understanding of the ethos of the business; what they stand for, their beliefs and their goals. Being the newbie of the company also gives you the opportunity to bring new ideas to the organisation. Don’t be afraid to take the knowledge you have gained from previous employment and merge it into your new job.

  1. Be an all-rounder

“Milk no sugar?” Offer to do the office brew round, be friendly, use your manners, talk to colleagues in the kitchen.

Be punctual, starting a new job is an opportunity to adopt good habits, get yourself organised from the very beginning and start as you mean to go on. A new job is also a new start; a chance to overcome any challenges or difficulties you may have had previously.

So there you have it, seven steps to help make you a more efficient job seeker. For more tips to help with your job search, take a look at our other blogs.