Why You Should Be On LinkedIn

Rebekah Valero-Lee


It won’t surprise you to know that recruiters use LinkedIn to look for candidates, but it might surprise you to know that around 85% of LinkedIn users worldwide are passive candidates. Passive candidates are the ones who are not actively looking for a job, quite often because they are in full time employment. So it might surprise you further to know that in 2014, 89% of all recruiters hired someone on LinkedIn. Here are five reasons for you to be on LinkedIn:

Company Research

More and more companies are creating comprehensive and exhaustive company pages on LinkedIn, making company research a lot easier to do. The type of research it allows for varies greatly from what you can simply find on the company website, as often people who are already working at the company, including hiring managers are likely to be engaged on the company page. This means you can find out from the horse’s mouth what the hiring process is, likewise you can gauge employees attitudes, thoughts and opinions on the company- are many people engaged? Are they friendly and helpful? Does the company do much for charity? The possibilities of the intelligence you can gain is literally endless.

Job alerts delivered straight to your inbox

Whilst you can set up job alerts by email from most job sites, setting them up on LinkedIn allows them to be put right in front of you as soon as you log in to your account. It can also surprise you as to which companies are hiring for roles specific to your skill set. So all in all, LinkedIn job alerts are perhaps a little better targeted and a little better aligned with your wants.

Professional Networking

It’s probably the most overrated and overused term you can think of, but professional networking is a thing and it is here to stay. Like Instagram or Twitter, LinkedIn allows you to connect with “Influencers” (think of CEOs as the celebrities of the professional world). This helps get your name at the front of mind for many business decision makers. Or, if you’re just starting your job search, this is a great way of getting connected with lots of recruiters who are interested in your skill set.

Your Online CV

When you do set up your LinkedIn profile, you’ll notice that it takes you through an entire process of listing your work history, your education history and your extracurricular activities. This is basically your online CV, which means that employers are able to look you up using keywords to see if you fit their culture, personality and roles. This helps turn the job hunting process from the “please hire me” approach into “we’d like to talk to you about a role we think you’d be perfect for”. Let’s face it, there’s no better boost to your self-esteem than knowing you’re in demand.

Going Global

You know that one day, after you’ve finished your studies or training, you’d like to take those skills and knowledge you’ve acquired and move yourself over to the other side of the world. Well, LinkedIn is great for putting you in front of global recruiters, after all the internet is 24/7 and worldwide and so is your LinkedIn profile.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself discovered and make job hunting less of a chore!

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