Message From Ged Mason – CEO Morson Group

Rebekah Valero-Lee


A message to all clients colleagues and contractors.

My team have recently made me aware of a number of job adverts by a bogus company claiming to be from Morson. These have been posted in a number of countries and contain the domain MORSONGROUP.CO.UK

I would like to clarify, that these have been posted without the knowledge of Morson and are in no way associated with any of the group’s operating divisions.

For further clarity, any bona fide advert will be associated with the following domain names :-

  • morson.com
  • morson-projects.co.uk
  • vital.uk.com

Further to this, a communication has been sent out, again stealing our identity claiming to offer a visa and asking for sums ranging from £700 to £2,000. Again this is bogus and is not representative of either the group or any of our team.

To protect all our partners we are currently undertaking extensive legal action to ensure these individuals’ activities are brought to a halt and further occurrences are prevented.

Update – 21/10/2015

There have been further cases of scammers imitating Morson Group employees. Please see below further details on individuals purporting to be Morson employees :-

Scammers are now using morsongroup.intl@gmail.com to contact candidates and they are using the following signature with Morson Head Office address as well as a current VAT & Company number:-

Mark Foley BSc (Hons)
Recruitment Consultant
Morson International Head Office,
Adamson House, Centenary Way, Manchester, M50 1RD
T: (+44) 7031-949-359 ext. 1600
F: (+44) 01455 898467
VAT No: 732 4476 36 / Company no: 2714555

Please be advised as with my previous updates that this is a hoax and should not be responded to.


Ged Mason