Change perceptions to attract more women to careers in engineering

Rebekah Valero-Lee STEM


A recent survey by Morson Group reveals that:


  •  More than one third of those surveyed thought expert careers advice at school age could attract more women to the industry.
  •  65% agreed or strongly agreed that women were welcomed into their industry and working environment
  • 83% of those surveyed worked for companies that had established incentives to attract more women to the industry

The survey was open to women and men in the engineering industry, and participants were asked for their opinions about the perception of the engineering industry, what can be done to attract more women into the industry and who should be responsible for driving change. The aim of the survey was to identify the reasons behind the shortfall of female engineers in the UK engineering industry.

Participants ranged in age from 18-64+ with the majority of participants falling into the 25-34 and 45+ age categories. Sectors and sub-sectors represented included rail, oil and gas, defence, automotive, scientific and manufacturing. The majority of participants (36%) worked for a company with more than 600 employees.

Participant comments

Participants were asked:

In your opinion, what would solve the gender imbalance issue in engineering today?

“Positive promotion of engineering as a diverse, interesting, rewarding and challenging career choice.”

“Better teaching of younger children to educate them what engineering is and what an engineer can actually do.”

“More prominent role models. Strong engagement and commitment from companies. Address the school curriculum to remove gender stereotypes and perceptions.”

“I think it can only be solved long term. Encourage girls to study maths and physics at school, talk about engineering as a possible career.  Aim for equal numbers of girls and boys studying engineering.”

Morson’s Women in Engineering survey will form part of its larger Women in Engineering campaign. The campaign will explore what can be done to attract more women into the engineering industry, and highlight the career opportunities available in the industry today.

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