Women now make up 55% of apprentices in the UK, Morson recruitment co-ordinator Lydia Dixon shares her experiences as an award winning apprentice

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Next in our special National Apprenticeship Week series of interviews is Lydia Dixon, recruitment coordinator for Morson International’s busy aerospace division. Lydia, Morson International’s Apprentice of the Year 2014, is no stranger to the benefits of apprenticeships, having just completed her third!

Words: Jennifer Morris

Choosing a career in the 21st century can be difficult. There is so much choice that many find it overwhelming – that’s why more and more young adults are deciding to equip themselves with skills that are transferable across a range of industries.

Lydia Dixon joined Morson International via an initiative called Start Training in Manchester, and started her Business Level 2 apprenticeship under the role of junior administration assistant at the company’s head office. After successfully completing that Lydia went on to work on the front desk for Morson whilst simultaneously taking a Customer Service Level 3 Apprenticeship and a Team Leader Level 2 Apprenticeship.

Before joining Morson as an apprentice Lydia was at college for two years on a course she didn’t enjoy or that had minimal career prospects for her. It was a chance conversation with a friend that inspired her to find out more about apprenticeships.

“After a couple of years at college I worked at a regional shopping centre in retail,’ she explains, “I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do, but I wasn’t sure where to go. My friend told me about the training centre and apprenticeships and suggested I have a look – I did, and enrolled straight away.”

Now, three years later, Lydia is a recruitment coordinator for a busy aerospace recruitment division of Morson International. Is she settling in to her new role? She comments: “I am really enjoying it – it’s a big and busy team, and it’s great to be a part of it. My experience on the front desk means that I was used to talking to contractors and clients on a daily basis. If I am asked difficult questions then I know I have a team to support me while I learn the ropes. I am a lot more confident now.”

It comes as no surprise that Lydia is a big advocator of apprenticeships, having experienced their benefits so greatly at Morson, as she explains: “I would always recommend apprenticeships – you are learning but earning money at the same time, and working too. You can enjoy life because you are getting paid, but at the end of it you also have a qualification and a new set of skills for a new career.”