Salford’s Youth Heroes Awards 2014

Rebekah Valero-Lee


Morson Group has announced sponsorship of the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award at the upcoming Salford Youth Heroes Dinner.

The Youth Heroes Awards were established as a direct response to the riots that swept the UK in 2011, affecting Salford in particular. The Awards celebrate the success and achievements of young people in the Salford community, and were hailed a complete success in their inaugural year in 2013.

Martin Dickson, Founder of the Youth Heroes Awards, said at the time: “We believe that with the right encouragement and nurturing young people can have a hugely positive impact on their local communities.

“Rather than talking about those who have a destructive effect, the Youth Heroes Awards are all about making a big deal of those young people who have made an outstanding contribution to their communities and are inspirational to others as a result.”

The Outstanding Academic Achievement Award will be presented to a young person who is inspirational because they have achieved something incredible in the field of education and learning. The Awards take place on Thursday 12th June at The Lighthouse in Salford.

Steve Seddon, Client Services Director for Morson Group, said: “Morson Group is pleased to be involved with the 2014 Salford Youth Heroes Awards, as we believe the promotion and celebration of young people’s achievements is extremely important.

“The majority of reported news involving young people is generally as a result of a negative or destructive action, so it is good to hold and publicise an event which encourages positive behaviours. Perception is reality and therefore the more stories around events like this, the better.”

Find out more about the awards at: http://salford.youthheroes.org.uk/