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International recruitment training for Morson consultants

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Morson has responded to the increased demand for skills shortage roles by upskilling its consultants in specialised topics such as business immigration.

The UK’s No.1 technical recruiter has implemented targeted consultant training to meet the growing need for international recruitment. Morson has increased its capabilities both locally and globally, and in turn has taken steps to upskill its recruitment teams in the legislation and jurisdictions of countries across the world.

Recent training was conducted by Gateley Solicitors’ Immigration Specialist Solicitor, Heather Aust, and Head of Employment Law, Chris Thompson. The training was attended by Morson consultants from across its UK offices, and marked a key milestone in the development of international employment law knowledge across the board.

Morson is committed to team development

To meet increasing client demands for disciplines experiencing a skills shortage in the UK, Morson conducts international recruitment drives. This approach has strengthened Morson’s position as a global supplier; recruitment teams can deliver accurate advice to clients seeking guidance, and meet the increased demand for talent acquisition across the industry.



Adrian Adair, Operations Director at Morson International, commented: “Morson is committed to team development. Recent training initiatives support our international growth, and the need to look outside of the UK for candidates in skills shortage areas.

“We do our utmost to assist clients with increasing demands for candidate attraction. This means that, at times, we can no longer look within the UK for talent.

“To meet these demands, we have therefore provided training that includes mapping global markets, developing overseas candidate attraction strategies, and building knowledge of the latest legislation – ensuring that our clients are protected and our consultants are supported.”

The training supports an on-going initiative to upskill Morson’s recruitment consultants, ensuring that understanding of employment law is monitored and updated on a regular basis.