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In Barracks Equipment Support - Case Study

In Barracks Equipment Support - Case Study


An In Barracks Equipment Support (IBES) contract is for the provision of a service or output in support the MoD for example: forward maintenance of helicopters at military operating bases. These types of contracts increased in scope and importance during the military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan as civilian manpower was required to provide cover for the military in theatre and allow for rest and recovery upon their return. IBES continues today and is a vital element of the Whole Force Approach bringing the armed forces and private sector together with a common goal.

Lynx IBES – Dishforth and Gutersloh 2010 – 2014

Morson identified the opportunity to partner up with Leonardo Helicopters as a joint bid and won this contract. This was Leonardo Helicopter’s first IBES contract.

Apache IBES – Wattisham 2011 – 2013

Apache In Barracks Equipment Support contract was won by Leonardo Helicopters and Morson for maintenance and repair services.

AW101 IBES – RAF Benson 2005 – 2013

Having won an initial contract directly from the MOD, Morson Technical Services later re-bid the re-tendered contract. Following the success of the joint wins for Apache and Lynx IBES, we agreed with Leonardo Helicopters to submit a joint bid in 2011 and were awarded the contract until completion in October 2013.

Wildcat IBES – RNAS Yeovilton 2013 – 2014

Morson Technical Services were selected to provide maintenance support for the introduction of Wildcat. There was the need to invest in establishing a team that proved invaluable in the implementation of the new service. Upon this contract ending, Leonardo Helicopters and Morson implemented an IOS contract for the founding of a permanently employed contractor maintenance team. This was defined in extremely quick timescales and Morson was able to support the requirements within two months of receiving the request.

Chinook IBES – RAF Odiham 2007 – 2012 and 2017

Having acquired this contract directly from the UK MOD, Morson Technical Services transferred the existing staff from the previous imcumbent. The requirement was for the supply of suitably qualified and competent aircraft engineering manpower to augment Service Personnel in the maintenance and repair of the RAF fleet of CH-47 Chinook helicopters. This support enabled RAF Odiham to fulfil its operational obligations to provide military capability to Joint Helicopter Command (JHC). In 2017 Morson commenced the new output based IBES contract in support of the requirements of Chinook fleet including: on-aircraft personnel (including Logistics Information System Management), off aircraft personnel (vehicle/ASE maintenance, Role Equipment, Survival Equipment and Weapons maintenance) and Logistics Support (including: Supply Provision and Motor Transport Driving & Supervision).