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STANDING TALL WITH MORSONAndy's story has inspired those at Morson and beyond, and as our official ambassador watch the video to find out how he will now work to help other ex-forces members transition into a civilian life with the help of our expert recruiters >

From athlete's to army veterans the Morson Ambassadors programme partners with inspiring individuals who can motivate and educate our clients, candidates and employee's. 

Our ambassadors are from different backgrounds with a range of life experiences, but they all share a drive, determination and integrity which is why they are part of the Morson family. 

From breaking down barriers with mental health and raising autism awareness to championing women in the workplace and resettlement, our ambassadors bring new perspectives and positive influence.

Current Morson Ambassadors include:


Andy Reid | Afghanistan army veteran and author of 'Andy Reid - Standing Tall'

Corporal Andy Reid lost both his legs and right arm after stepping on an IED plate whilst serving with the 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment in Afghanistan in 2009. After spending only 2 weeks in hospital before returning home after his injury, Andy is a testament to overcoming adversity with a positive mindset.

Andy was chosen as a Morson Ambassador as his determination and optimism means that he is a role model, not only for the forces, but for the wider community. 

The partnership between Morson and Andy aims to get more ex-forces personnel into employment by using his knowledge of the forces community in conjunction with Morson's recruitment expertise.

Andy explains:

I hope to develop the relationship with Morson by helping to recruit more armed forces personnel. There’s a lot of guys out their who’ve got great skills and when they leave the armed forces some of those skills aren’t used anymore. I can see where within Morson Group those skills can be used. There’s a lot that the armed forces can offer when they leave service and Morson is an ideal place for them to explore that.

We hope this partnership will develop and grow, making a real difference to the resettlement of forces personnel.    

Adrian Head, Morson client development manager, who knows Andy well explains why Andy Reid is such an inspiration and a great ambassador for Morson…

Andy’s been through a lot of adversity himself, but he doesn’t lose sight of people who are less fortunate than he is. He’s able to connect with these people. He understands that coming out of a period of the navy, army or airforce and trying to transition across into civvy street can be difficult.

Morson have a demonstrable track record of putting ex-forces people into work, assignments and permanent employment and we want to build on this. We want to put that something back and Andy is going to be able to help us do that.


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    Veteran Hero Inspires Rail Team | Armed Forces

    In October 2009, Corporal Andy Reid, was blown up by a Taliban IED while on patrol with the 3rd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment in Afghanistan. Despite being injured so badly that he lost both legs and his right arm, the inspirational hero defied the odds and within one month, was meeting up with members of his patrol once again. What Andy has achieved since then is little short of unbelievable. The triple-amputee is a father, husband, skydiver, cyclist, charity fundraiser and now an ambassador of the Morson Group, providing a stronger voice for the excellent work that we do in supporting ex-armed forces personnel to transition and reintegrate into successful civilian careers. Currently, we have more than 500 ex-military personnel working on client projects throughout the UK and overseas. Describing himself as a survivor, not a victim, Andy’s attitude to overcoming adversity and not letting the severity of his injuries prevent him from moving forward has enabled him to become an inspirational motivational speaker. As a Morson Group ambassador, Andy delivered a powerful talk around the power of goal setting and self-belief at our half-yearly event, which was followed by a further evening talk at Lillie Bridge Depot in London with our LUL track gangs working on the Track Delivery Unit. Andy said: “The Morson Group work in a tough industry with lots of pressure to reach targets. Through my own story, I was able to share the importance of goal setting and that by working hard, anything is achievable." “When on site, I talked about the importance of PPE. In Afghan, the body armour that we wear is extremely heavy but having that meant that I suffered no internal injuries during the blast. Some of my patrol lost their eyesight because they didn’t wear their glasses and the shrapnel hit their eyes." “I hope that my story and sharing the challenges that I have and continue to face gave the inspiration needed to push that extra 10 per cent in their daily lives.” Graham Timbers, rail operations director at Morson’s London division, added: “From the moment Andy started talking, we were hooked. He’s an incredible person that’s faced huge challenges. His messages around prioritising tasks and the importance of teamwork, by knowing all your mates have your back, was so powerful and judging by all the pictures and handshakes afterwards, showed how captivating he was." “The nighttime LUL talk was also attended by our clients and even our competitors, to share this experience with the wider rail workforce. It was a night to remember and hopefully, everyone will learn from Andy’s own experiences to inspire an even greater culture towards collaboration and health and safety.” Andy also recently completed the Warrior Challenge, which involved a 400-mile cycle and 125-mile kayak over 14 days in memory of six soldiers killed in an explosion of their Warrior vehicle in Afghanistan in 2012. The Warrior Challenge began in Lytham St Anne’s, where Andy was joined by Morson Group CEO, Ged Mason, for the first leg of the cycle to Huddersfield. ​ If you’re a veteran looking for employment get in touch with pat.mcmullan@morson.com or for more information go to our dedicated ex-forces page. To search for relevant jobs click here.

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    Let’s Talk | Morson sit down with veterans Andy and Craig to discuss their experiences with PTSD and mental health in the army

    It’s Armed Forces Day on Saturday 30th June. With the UK government finally recognising the need to increase armed forces mental health funding, by committing an extra £220 million over the next decade, Morson sat down with Veterans Andy Reid, Morson Forces Ambassador, and Craig Monaghan, Social Inclusion Officer at Sale Sharks Community Trust to discuss their experiences with PTSD and mental illnesses. Although their mental health challenges stem from incidents which occurred during their time in the army, the coping mechanisms they use to overcome their issues may be useful for all. Both Andy and Craig fought in Afghanistan and, in separate events, sustained life-changing injuries which meant their time as soldiers tragically came to an end. Since then, Andy has gone on to defy all odds and is now a motivational speaker and ambassador to a number of organisations. During his recovery, Craig has been a keen fundraiser and charity volunteer, he has represented his county playing for England Deaf Rugby and set himself many inspiring challenges along the way. But with 7 people being medically discharged from the Armed Forces every day, what help is out there? We speak to Andy and Craig to find out their experiences with PTSD and mental illness. Have any of your fellow ex-servicemen suffered from PTSD or other mental illness? Andy: I think all ex-servicemen will experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at some stage in their lives, it may not be immediately after leaving the army, it could be whilst they are still serving in the armed forces or it could be as long as 20, 30 or 40 years later. I think it’s just down to the individual really and it depends on where you’ve served and what you’ve done. But I think at some point throughout your life, all servicemen will suffer from PTSD, in my opinion. Whilst some people may not experience some of the symptoms of PTSD for some years after leaving the armed forces, similarly, due to the culture of the armed forces, some people may delay seeking help for a number of years after they leave. Veterans may decide at the time that they can cope, they may have a fear of criticism or feel that a therapist will not understand or be able to relate to their problems. Craig: My opinion is the same, I think especially for people serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan era. Even the lads that weren’t heavily engaged in the fighting, they still had that risk of I.E.D threat and even the lads that never came across I.E.D’s, they still had the threat of every step that they took could result in injury or worse. But it doesn’t just stop there, I see quite a lot of veterans who were never deployed to a conflict where there was so much fighting or they were heavily engaged by the enemy or anything. Their problems started after the transition period as the military can be a massive bubble. It’s very warm and cuddly, you’re living with your mates, doing what you want and there’s a lot of freedom. Then on the outside, it’s a lot different and I think a lot of lads struggle with the social isolation of getting out [of the army], in terms of they’ve not got their buddies across the hallway from them so then they feel a bit lonely. Over the course of Armed Forces week, approximately 49 soldiers will have their lives changed forever. Above, Craig touched on the social isolation some soldiers feel when they leave the army in terms of not having friends across the corridor. This type of anxiety can affect all aspects of a veteran’s life and even stretch to worrying about future employment. A lot of the servicemen will never have been to a job interview, never had to write a CV or sit in an office. What professional mental health support did you receive when you left the army? Andy: For myself, when I was down at Headley Court [Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre] we used to sit down with a mental health specialist as part of our weekly programme and they would just ask if you are having any thoughts at the moment or ask you how you’re dealing with the situation etc. I’ve not looked for any professional help at the minute, I find talking to friends and colleagues who I’ve served with and I’ve met some fantastic civilians along the way who are now close friends, chatting to them really helps me move forward. One of the main themes highlighted when talking to Andy and Craig was how much simply talking can help. Both for Army Veterans and the general public, whether that be with a doctor, colleague, family member or friend, sharing your experiences, feelings and fears can be that be that first step to tackling mental health head-on. Craig: I engaged with several charities both whilst I was still in the army and afterwards, my hand was sort of forced to speak to people but I never really addressed [my problems], I’d just sit there in silence. It wasn’t the fact that I didn’t want to speak, it was probably just that I just wasn’t ready. So I think I engaged with it too early, I think that’s really important. Whereas now, every now and again I will engage with professional help but I see people around me as my support too. I’m still in a WhatsApp group with everyone that I was with [in Afghanistan] and even this morning we were just chucking abuse at each other and that sort of thing gets me through probably more than anything. What have been the main things that have helped you to overcome your mental health challenges? Andy: On the anniversary of me being injured I like to do something special. I’ve climbed Snowdon on the anniversary, one time we were in San Francisco on holiday, this year I’ll be christening my little girl. I like to do something memorable so I’m not remembering back 13th October I was in Afghanistan, I’m remembering back to the 13th October last year when I was in San Francisco. It makes it a bit more of a happy time to remember rather than going back to that day. There are a number of charities which can provide help and support for veterans suffering from their mental health which include: SSAFA - A charity that provides lifelong emotional and practical support for active armed forces personnel. Combat Stress - The charity offers a range of mental health treatment and support services for veterans. MIND - Provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. Veterans Gateway - They put veterans and their families in touch with the organisations best placed to help with the information, advice and support they need Watch the full video to see Andy and Craig talking about their own personal journey with mental health.

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    Morson Launch Forces Resettlement Guide with Veteran Andy Reid

    Andy Reid's Resettlement Plan | Morson are thrilled to launch our recruitment resettlement guide on the centenary of the RAF. Written in partnership with veteran and Morson Forces Ambassador Andy Reid, the guide aims to aid ex-forces members transition to civilian employment. Including features such as 'Preparing to Leave the Armed Forces - Andy's Ten Step Guide' plus CV and interview tips and more light hearted content such as the 'Armed Forces to Civvy Jargon Buster' the plan aims to be informative and relatable. Click here to get your copy of Andy Reid's Resettlement Plan Speaking about the project Andy reiterated how passionate he is about using his personal experiences to support veterans once they leave the armed forces - As a veteran of The 3rd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment and Morson Forces Ambassador, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to transition from the armed forces into a normal, civilian life. Ex-forces personnel have a lot to offer in the civilian world, often in ways they won’t immediately realise. It is my aim to bridge the gap between these two worlds so veterans are ready to become skilled, sought-after candidates ready to transition into work. One of the main things I noticed when appearing at career transition events as a Morson forces ambassador is the language barrier between ex-forces personnel and the recruiters who are looking to help them. This guide is designed to offer some help to veterans as they look to take their first steps in the civilian world. In particular, I’ll walk you through some of my top tips for preparing to leave the armed forces. I attend careers events with Morson across the country, so come along and we’ll help you take those first steps into your new life. Click here to get your copy of Andy's Resettlement Plan. Get #MoreFromMorson and search our latest jobs or to find out more about how Morson can support ex-forces personnel, visit our Morson Forces page.

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    Sale Sharks Aim For Top Four Finish in 2018/19 Season

    The annual Sale Sharks summer BBQ took place on July 6th and served as a time to reflect on last year’s rollercoaster season and the aims of the squad for the Gallagher Premiership Rugby campaign ahead of them. The team trained with an extra spring in their step with the excitement elevating due to the recent reveal of the fixtures for the upcoming season. Morson caught up with coach, Steve Diamond who shared his thoughts on the positives and negatives from last year that can help the club grow in the future. ‘The big areas that were good last year was our ability to score from anywhere. We played a really exciting brand, sometimes a bit flippant and that bit us a couple of times’ Long term success very much seems to be the plan for the club and investing from the ground up is key to achieving this according to Steve. ‘Now we’re creeping up on other teams as we’ve spent money on selective recruitment and things behind the scenes such as the academy, we can get some consistency in the squad’ The importance of consistency going forwards was reiterated by co-owner, Simon Orange who discussed his ambitions for the club for next season and beyond. ‘Within our five years to win it (Gallagher Premiership) would be great, Ged and I have got our plan. I think if we win it, that’s a bonus but to get into that top four and to stay there regularly is as much as we have targeted.’ Former Sharks winger Mark Cueto had an abundance of praise for the current side and has no doubt in the talent stemming throughout the club. ‘We’ve got a team that is probably one of the most exciting and attacking sides to watch in the Premiership. Rohan Van Rensberg, Faff De Clerk and Jono Ross, these boys are world class players and are the type of players the club hasn’t had for maybe a decade’ One of the players that is sparking anticipation in the side is latest signing, Chris Ashton. Steve Diamond believes the winger will become a key player for the Sharks. ‘I just think he brings a raft of experience with him. He’s a class player, always has been and bringing his professionalism into a young squad will help’ Simon Orange closed his discussion with a key point of why the fans are so important to any triumphs the club has going forward. ‘You need to come and support the Sharks because if we’re going to get in that top four and stay there, we need supporters to come down’ Watch the video below to see the full interview. To keep up-to-date with the latest sporting news from our #TeamMorson ambassadors, follow our twitter page @MorsonGroup and Instagram @weare_morson​

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    The Bricklaying Boxer | Ben Sheedy Readies Himself for Biggest Fight to Date

    #TeamMorson boxer Ben Sheedy balances working full time as a bricklayer with a budding career as a boxer. A win in his next fight puts him one step closer to putting down the trowel for good. After joining #TeamMorson earlier this year, undefeated middleweight prospect Ben Sheedy is just days away from the biggest fight of his career as he faces Matthew Wigglesworth for the Central Area title. The fight takes place at the Macron Stadium on Friday 27th July as both men look to keep their undefeated records intact. Morson caught up with Ben at ‘Champs Camp’ in Moss Side to see how preparations have gone. ‘Everything’s been great, I was lucky enough to spar with Rocky Fielding who’s just won a World Title which was obviously great to know you’ve been a part of that camp. We’ve been down to Jennings gym as well with Scott Fitzgerald and Mark Jeffers so I’m more than ready training wise’ Thanks to the help of Morson and other sponsors, the bricklaying Boxer has been able to take time off from his day job in the final weeks leading up to this fight in order to put all of his focus into the huge opportunity. However, Ben still reminisces hectic fight weeks where taking time off work wasn’t a luxury he could have. ‘You’re still making weight, you’re thinking about the fight and I was working Monday to Friday nine hours a day. It was hard work to say the least’ Sheedy has fought in front of a variety of different crowds from small hall shows to stacked arenas. One of the more surreal moments of the Manchester born fighter’s career so far was boxing in front of a packed Manchester Arena directly before Anthony Crolla defeated Ismael Barosso back in 2016. ‘It was a box ticked that in my second pro fight I walked out in front of 10,000 people in an arena like that. I’ve done that and not many fighters will do that in their career unless they get a championship fight’ Trainer, Ensley Bingham offered an insight into what kind of fighting style fans can expect when watching Sheedy compete. ‘He’s a box-fighter which means he can punch, he can move and he’s a punch picker. Those are the sort of things we’ve been working on and his development is coming along really nicely’ Finally, Ben gave his prediction of how Friday’s fight is going to play out. ‘It’ll be a good fight. It’ll be a tough fight but I will come out on top’

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    Huge Achievements Despite the Downpours at The Morson Salford Triathlon

    The annual Morson Salford Triathlon took place this weekend in the stunning setting of Media CityUK. Despite the traditional Manchester rain making it's first appearance in weeks, the adverse weather did little to dampen the spirits of the competitors, making for a fantastic atmosphere down by the Quays. Whilst completing the race is a personal triumph for many, the main purpose of the event is to raise money for the competitors chosen charities. Around 1,000 people took part in the event ranging from experienced triathletes to first timers. The course consisted of a 1,500-metre swim in the waters of Dock 9, a 40km bike ride and finally a 10km run along the Quays waterfront. As well as Morson financial director, Paul Gilmour, one of Morson’s representatives taking part was Head of UK Training at Morson Vital Training, Matthew Leavis, who unfortunately missed out on competing last year. This year he was back to full fitness and looked to raise money for the British Heart Foundation - be sure to watch his progress below. Leavis completed the event in an hour and twenty seven minutes which was a personal best: ‘It’s something I’ve not been able to achieve so far in any of my practice runs, I’m really pleased with how it worked out. Thank you to Morson and everybody for all their support’! Morson CEO Ged Mason offered his thoughts on the occasion: ‘The Salford triathlon has brought a fantastic, annual sporting event to the area which myself and many of the Morson team have, in the past, taken part in’ The event is now a main stay in Morson’s annual calendar and proved to be another resounding success. Congratulations to everybody that took part and for all the money raised for some excellent causes.

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    Watch The Pre-fight Interview | Morson Sponsored Boxer, Natasha Jonas Defends Title This Weekend

    Natasha Jonas will be representing #TeamMorson this weekend as she aims to defend her newly won WBA International Super-Featherweight title. Stepping across the ring from the former Olympian will be Viviane Obenauf, who holds a record of twelve wins and four losses. The fight will be taking place on Matchroom Boxing’s NXTGEN show on Sky Sports which aims to showcase the brightest prospects in the country. Morson sponsored Jonas will be looking to continue her impressive start to 2018 as she secured a win over Karina Kopinska in February before impressively stopping Taoussy L’Hadji in April to win her first professional title in her hometown of Liverpool. With a win on Saturday, the level of competition will increase as well as the level of occasion and with Matchroom having already staged a card at the Principality Stadium and another scheduled for Wembley in September, these are the types of shows Natasha could soon find herself on. When speaking to Morson about her future aspirations, Tasha stated: ‘The belts we’ve targeted are the green ones, the WBC. They’re the most prestigious. Don’t get me wrong, this one (The WBA) is a beautiful belt but we have to progress and we want them all if I’m being deadly honest’ Jonas also highlighted how amazing it has been being a role model for young girls in the country: ‘We get girls coming to the gym asking to take pictures. It’s a lovely feeling, it’s not something I ever thought I would be but it’s an honour and a pleasure to be an idol.’ Tasha will be hoping for many more epic nights to come and with her eyes on lightweight champion Katie Taylor, she could very well be a part of the biggest women’s fight in UK boxing history in the future. Before that potential dream match, the Liverpool born boxer has to focus on the task at hand and even though she is the clear favourite against Obenauf, nobody can be underestimated at this level. Everybody at Morson wishes Tasha luck this Saturday and will be showing their full support!

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    Ambassador Andy Reid Wins WOW Award

    Morson ambassador Andy Reid has been honoured with the WOW Award at the 2018 Positive Awards. The Positive Awards celebrate positivity and gratitude across business, showcasing the people that make business better. The awards are split into 16 categories including honour, triumph, resilience and leadership. The WOW award is a culimation of all the awards on the night. The awarding body said Andy is "a true example of human endurance - uplifting, awesome and happy." Andy said it was "absolutely fantastic to win the main award". Andy became Morson's ex-forces ambassador in 2017 and has worked actively with our recruiters to help transition ex-forces personnel from military life into a civilian career. Andy balances this with motivational speaking across many industries, from corporate to sport. Andy has also worked with Morson to promote mental health awareness and has spoken openly about his struggles with PTSD at an event co-hosted at Morson head office with Sale Sharks Rugby Community Trust. Andy has recently written his Resettlement Guide with Morson, aimed at helping ex-forces personnel make the transition, based on his own experiences: As a veteran of The 3rd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment and Morson forces ambassador, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to transition from the armed forces into a normal, civilian life. Ex-forces personnel have a lot to offer in the civilian world, often in ways they won’t immediately realise. It is my aim to bridge the gap between these two worlds so veterans are ready to become skilled, sought-after candidates ready to transition into work. One of the main things I noticed when appearing at career transition events as a Morson forces ambassador is the language barrier between ex-forces personnel and the recruiters who are looking to help them. This guide is designed to offer some help to veterans as they look to take their first steps in the civilian world. In particular, I’ll walk you through some of my top tips for preparing to leave the armed forces. I attend careers events with Morson across the country, so come along and we’ll help you take those first steps into your new life - Andy Reid Download the guide here

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