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Mental health and wellbeing

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Our health and wellbeing agenda is built into our DNA.

Our key achievements to date:

  • 93 managers have received mental health in the workplace training across our Group
  • We have appointed a dedicated health, wellbeing and engagement partner, Heather Deering
  • Our physical wellness initiative 'MorFit' was awarded 'Most Innovative Benefit' at the Recruiter Investing in Talent awards 2019
  • We have delivered over 200 health MOT's across our Group
  • We have 50 Mental Health First Aiders across the business

Health and wellbeing

2019 saw us appoint our first health, wellbeing and engagement partner, Heather Deering, whose role is to lead and expand our MorFit strategy to ensure our activities have maximum impact. MorFit was created according to a holistic approach, with ambitious targets set over various components relating to employee wellbeing; from physical and mental health to financial wellbeing and more.


Mental Health First Aiders

One pillar is our Mental Health First Aiders – individuals who act as reference points to spot mental health triggers within our workforce and take steps to offer assistance and guidance. Any working environment has the potential to exacerbate mental illness and we understand how crucial it is that our people are equipped to spot warning signs of declining mental health. The campaign, which first began with 20 First Aiders, has swelled to 40, and it’s our goal to reach 80 trained individuals.

‘Managing Mental Health in the Workplace’ training is now mandatory for anyone with line manager responsibilities, and ensuring broad acceptance of mental health and wellbeing is a Group-wide priority. Step-by-step guidance on fostering good mental health, personally, among teams and across the wider business, is provided. This addresses topics such as how to welcome someone back to work after a mental health-related absence and how to approach someone with signs of mental illness.


MOT health checks

Rather than rely on our workforce to act, we are bringing the health MOT to our people, to promote early detection and facilitate open health discussions. Since June 2019, together with our health and safety advisers, Heather Deering has toured the length and breadth of the UK, delivering on-site health checks; not only to our workforce but for anyone available on-site.

Blood pressure, body fat, visceral fat, body mass index (BMI), bone mass and metabolic rate are all measured by our health testing equipment. The painless, five-minute process involves the user placing their arm into one machine, stepping onto another and inputting data such as height and age into the computer’s health algorithm. The analysed data is then discussed privately to better understand their health profile, including any identified risks and subsequent actions to be taken.

“It was a shock to find out that our bodies were much older than they should be following our MOTs, which prompted us to make a change. We’ve since introduced Monday weigh-ins at our Broughton branch for those who want to take part and anyone who hasn’t lost weight must donate £5 to charity. Our whole mindset towards exercising and eating has shifted and we’re all seeing real change in our bodies and our mental health as a result. A huge thank you to Heather for looking after us!” Joe Hughes | Project manager at Morson Projects

Fitness Matters

Numerous track roles involve manual labour, which means operatives must be mentally and physically fit and healthy. Many of our rail trainees have seldom done an intensive day’s work, so we enrolled our Manchester cohort of Level 2 Engineering Apprentices onto a six-week CrossFit initiative to improve their strength, aerobic fitness, agility, balance and flexibility, and to enhance their work readiness. Each weekly 90-minute fitness session incorporated several technical lifts associated with functional fitness, alongside strength and conditioning exercises. The sessions also taught teamwork skills and health and safety best practice, whilst promoting the mental health benefit of exercise.

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Morson Group is proud to have signed the Mindful Employer Charter. The Mindful Employer initiative is aimed at increasing awareness of mental health in the workplace. By signing the Charter, Morson is committed to the recruitment and retention of employees by supporting mental wellbeing at work.

The Charter demonstrates our commitment to recognising the good practices already in place, identifying the areas in need of improvement and working towards the aims of the initiative. The Charter for Employers who are positive about mental health is a voluntary agreement, seeking to support employers working within the spirit of its positive approach. The Charter is but one part of the Mindful Employer initiative, which is aimed at increasing awareness of mental health in the workplace. 

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    Sale make it eight wins in a row with dominant display!

    ​Sale moved closer to securing a home semi-final with a destructive performance against Harlequins at the AJ BellMartin Landajo opened the scoring for the away side inside the first four minutes, but Sale responded quickly as a great offload from AJ MacGinty put through Akker Van der Merwe to charge over. A brilliant team move minutes later found Marland Yarde, who dove over in the corner and fellow winger Byron McGuigan scored a similar try in the same corner shortly after. Player of the match, Cam Neild secured the bonus point for the Sharks before half-time, as he battled through the Quins defence to roll over and score. Rohan van Rensberg marked his return to the side with a textbook bulldozing try as he powered through to get over, after a great catch and turn to evade the opposing defence. Bevan Rodd continued to show his impressive form as he stretched the game further from Quins’ reach with a try. Jean Luc du Preez responded to Edwards’ late consolation try for the away side by pressing over for the final score of the game and sealed the Sharks’ eighth win on the bounce. Sale now have the opportunity to secure a home semi-final as they face reigning champions Exeter at Sandy Park this Saturday and will need a bonus-point win to do so.​Sale: Hammersley; McGuigan, S James, R du Preez, Yarde; MacGinty, De Klerk; Harrison, Van der Merwe, Oosthuizen, Beaumont (capt), J-L du Preez, Neild, B Curry, D du Preez.Replacements: Langdon, Rodd, John, J-P du Preez, Ross, Cliff, Reed, Janse van Rensburg.Sin-bin: De Klerk (51).Harlequins: Green; Morris, Marchant, Tapuai, Beard; Edwards, Landajo; Garcia Botta, Elia, Collier, Lamb, Lewies (capt), White, Wallace, Lawday.Replacements: Baldwin, Baxter, Kerrod, Cavubati, Tizard, Steele, Herrod, Lynagh.Referee: Wayne Barnes (RFU).

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    ​The ethical dilemma of facial recognition technology

    In late May 2021 it was reported by the BBC that a camera system which uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology intended to reveal states of emotion in people has been tested on Uyghurs in Xinjiang, China. A software engineer claimed that the system had been installed at several police stations in the region, which is already is believed to be one of the most highly surveilled areas in the world. The software engineer, who was reporting to the BBC under the strictest condition of anonymity, claimed that the technology was being forcefully tested on the mostly Muslim ethnic minority of Uyghurs in Northwest China. China has already been internationally condemned for its heavy surveillance and mass detentions of Uyghurs in what the government claims are ‘re-education centres aimed at quelling a terrorist movement’.This reported testing raises concerns about the potential human rights violations of AI and facial recognition, with the engineer providing evidence that “the AI system is trained to detect and analyse even minute changes in facial expressions and skin pores.”There are plenty of ways that facial recognition technology could benefit our every day lives. From speeding up queues for services to quickly identifying criminals through surveillance footage, the applications and varied and steadily growing. But such uses are raising concerns among the human rights community as privacy violations that have the potential to go too far.So, is facial recognition technology ethically sound? We look at the pros and cons:The pros of facial recognition technologyFinding the missing or wantedThe UK along has over 5 million CCTV cameras in operation, and the USA has around 15 cameras for every 100 people. This pales into insignificance when you consider that China is estimated to have around 200 million units, the most of any nation in the world. These cameras record a staggering amount of data every second, and facial recognition artificial intelligence algorithms are a sure-fire way to allow this footage to be rapidly sifted through and wanted people or criminals to be tracked. This is particularly useful in the case of missing people, when the window of opportunity to track them can diminish rapidly in the first few hours.MedicineFacial recognition technology is used regularly in medicine to dispense medication based on biometric scanning. Further expansions in the technology allows for diagnostic capabilities – such as measuring for pain levels by identifying facial expressions. This is the crux of the argument surrounding ethics in facial recognition. The potential applications in medicine are the same technology that is allegedly being used in a controversial way in China.Fast-trackingIn a queue for a service? Want to sign in to a building quickly and efficiently. Facial recognition technology allows simple actions to be fast-tracked.The average person is more accustomed to facial recognition technology being used in this way than they probably realise. Both Apple and Facebook utilise facial recognition software with their imaging tools to allow image tagging and indexing, as well as the iPhone unlock system that is adept at recognising the difference between a picture of a person or their actual face.The cons of facial recognition technologyAn invasion of privacy?With cameras seemingly watching every square inch of major towns and cities, the privacy concerns increase when facial recognition technology is added into the mix. If the technology is effective enough to identify specific people in a crowd, it would be possible to track their every move. Many see this as an invasion of privacy that often outweighs the potential upsides of the technology.Do you – or can you - give your consent?Facial recognition algorithms work by scanning huge data sets of imagery captured under different conditions and at various angles to ensure the technology learns to read the images correctly and make matches. The issues arise during the data collection phase. A number of universities and companies in the USA have been removing online data sets, mostly taken from the internet, containing millions of photographs of faces used to improve the facial-recognition algorithms, often without explicit permission.Researchers often use public Flickr images that were uploaded under copyright licences that allow liberal reuse. Legally, it is unclear whether scientists in Europe can collect photos of individuals’ faces for biometric research without their consent. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not provide an obvious legal basis for researchers to do this, but there has been no official guidance on how to interpret the GDPR on this specific point.The questions remains – even if you directly benefit from the research done for facial recognition technology, are you comfortable with imagery of yourself being used freely during that research phase?Science journal Nature wrote in November 2020:“[We] conducted a survey to better understand researchers’ views on the ethics of facial-recognition technology and research. Many respondents said that they wanted conferences to introduce mandatory ethics reviews for biometrics studies. This is starting to happen. Next month’s NeurIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems) conference will, for the first time, require that scientists address certain ethical concerns and potential negative outcomes of their work.”As technology progresses at ever increasing rates, it’s important that we embrace it in an ethical and safe way, and that people are always fully aware of its use. The technology has the capacity to be one of the biggest innovations in computing since the advent of the internet, but in much the same way, policing it and understanding the ethics of its applications is crucial. It’s clear that the right steps are being taken though, and the leading lights in the industry are clearly pointing towards mandatory ethics reviews. That’s probably why Ethical Technology Advisor is a future tech job title… ​​The Morson Technology team are experts in recruiting specialist IT and technology talent for your business. Whether you're a budding start up or an experienced business, get in touch with the team to talk about your IT and technology needs.

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    Sale secure play-off spot and Salford struggle against Warrington!

    ​Sale Sharks 22-13 Bristol BearsA scoreless first half saw both sides showcase brilliant defensive displays, but Bristol opened the scoring in the 45th minute through Ben Earle’s try. An electric defense-splitting run from young scrum-half Raffi Quirk saw Sale make there way to the try-line, and it was eventually Dan du Preez who powered over to draw the home side level. A brilliant cross-field kick found Byron McGuigan, who then put through Rob du Preez to go over in front of a roaring crowd at the AJ Bell, as Sale took the lead for the first time in the 63rd minute.Curtis Langdon charged over from a maul to extend Sale’s lead but Ioan Llyod responded with Bristol’s second try to keep the pressure on heading into the final minutes. AJ MacGinty’s late penalty secured a huge win against the league leaders and the result guaranteed the club their first play-off spot since 2006, coincidentally the last time they won the league…Sale Sharks DOR Alex Sanderson gave his post-match thoughts:"I'm over the moon for the result and the points. But I said to the guys before the game, I wasn't too bothered about the result, it was certain behaviours I wanted to see around the physical attributes we have” He continued: "What that showed tonight is that championships are won not on the execution, but the togetherness and resilience they displayed."Sale: L James; McGuigan, S James, Doherty, Yarde; MacGinty, De Klerk; Rodd, Van der Merwe, Oosthuizen, Wiese, J-L du Preez, T Curry, B Curry, D du Preez.Replacements: Langdon, Morozov, Harper, Phillips, Neild, Quirke, R du Preez, Tuilagi.Bristol: C Piutau; Morahan, Radradra, O'Conor, Malins; Sheedy, Uren; Woolmore, Kerr, Sinckler, Attwood, Vui, Harding, Earl, Hughes.Replacements: Thacker, Thomas, Chaparro, Holmes, Heenan, Kessell, Lloyd, S Piutau. ​Salford Red Devils 18-62 Warrington Wolves Warrington had a three-try lead inside the first eleven minutes as Stefan Ratchford, Danny Walker, and Toby King all got over. However, Ken Sio gave the Salford fans something to cheer about as he replicated his brilliant try against Leigh with another full-length sprint of the pitch to score. Harvey Livett continued his great form by getting over on the left side against his former club. Salford looked to gather momentum in this period, although it was the Wolves who went into the break full of confidence, as Jake Mamo slid under the sticks for their fourth try of the half.  The second-half was more of the same as Gareth Widdop extended Warrington’s lead, only for Darcy Lussick to respond and score his first try for Salford. The away side truly ran away with the game later in the half as Jake Mamo, Toby King and Gareth Widdop all got their second tries of the game, as well as Chris Hill and Ben Currie scoring to seal off another tough test in the Super League for Salford.Salford head coach, Richard Marshall shared his disappointment at the performance:"We managed to get ourselves a foothold after a slow start but Warrington were very clinical in their attack. We are busted mentally and physically” Salford: Escare; Sio, Watkins, Livett, Williams; Lolohea, Atkin; Ormondroyd, Taylor, Ikahihifo, Lannon, Roberts, Burke.Interchanges: Lussick, Wells, Luckley, Patton.Warrington: Ratchford; Lineham, Mamo, King, Charnley; Austin, Widdop; Hill, Walker, Philbin, Currie, Hughes, Davis.Interchanges: Mulhern, J. Clark, Akauola, D. Clark.​Sale next host play-off rivals Harlequins this Friday, whilst Salford travel to Hull Kingston Rovers on Friday 11th June.

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  • How will technology transform the construction industry?

    How Technology Will Transform the Construction Industry?

    We can’t help but look to the future and wonder how technology will transform the construction industry.Here are 5 construction trends to keep your eye onWe can’t help but look to the future and wonder how technology will transform the construction industry. Throughout the last decade we saw general awareness and an appetite for leveraging digital technology but how will that manifest in the near future?Digital transformation, modern methods of construction, infrastructure investment and the industries response to climate change are all emerging trends in the construction industry that will help align with the changing requirements of the workforce and modern world. Such a huge transformation could see companies from other sectors, such as automotive manufacturers, enter the market as an opportunity to diversify.One thing’s for sure, the industry needs to keep up with emerging trends to continue to build extraordinary places for people to live, learn, work, play and create.Here are 5 construction trends to keep your eye on:BIM (Building Information Modelling)BIM has the potential to be the most disruptive digital instrument in the industry. Allowing us to replicate buildings, roads and utilities through computer-generated images, it has so much potential and many benefits.It helps architects and engineers to visualise a construction project before it’s built which not only helps to estimate how much of a specific material is needed but provides an insight into how a building may hold up over time but also reduces the amount of waste, promotes sustainable practices and optimises building efficiency.Definitely not one to underestimate.TOP BLOG | From Conception to Demolition – The World of Building Information Modeling (BIM)RoboticsTechnological advancements in the construction industry aren’t limited to just software. Using robotics on-site such as using drones is becoming increasingly popular for surveying and ensuring employee safety in potentially dangerous situations. Robotics can increase safety, accuracy and efficiency whilst having the added benefit of being able to gather information for survey data.The technology is advancing all the time, from automated tiling robots to mechanical arms that can build the components for entire houses in a matter of hours. Watch out for the robotic revolution!Want to learn more about robots and AI? Our Bridge Bytes blog, ‘Recruiter or Robot?’ explores the potential of AI in the recruitment industry.Virtual reality (VR)Along with the increasing enthusiasm for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) is becoming increasingly more popular in the construction industry. Engineers can now wear a pair of AR glasses that, in combination with 3D models, allows the user to visualise behind-the-wall piping or underground cables with an overlay of directions for how to fix the problem. Not only is this process much more efficient in terms of time and money, it mitigates mistakes or potentially dangerous scenarios. Wearable TechAlong with VR, wearable tech is set to become a big construction trend. Currently, on the market, there is innovative smart construction equipment that can provide engineers with critical information with new technologies being released all the time.You can get your hands on a sensor-equipped helmet that enables fully automated data collection streamed straight from the site to your project management software, work boots that can connect to Wi-Fi sending GPS coordinates. Not to mention the wristbands that can tell users if you have fallen or are tired.Whilst implementing wearable tech as standard on construction sites might seem a world away, we’re sure that in the coming years they will have a permanent place on the construction site and bring about a new era in construction safety.Green Technology in ConstructionOver the past year, there has, quite rightly, been a big focus on sustainability in the construction industry and with green construction now a growing trend, people looking for ways to incorporate sustainability into the construction process. An ever-growing population brings a clear need for more buildings however, a focus has now shifted on building more developments which, as well as being low-carbon, are great places to live and work.The World Green Building Council’s Advancing Net Zero Campaign has said all new buildings will need to be net zero-carbon by 2030 and existing buildings by 2050. Given buildings are currently responsible for 25% of the UK’s emissions, this is a challenge none of us should take lightly.With the advent of new technologies, the availability of data and new materials coming into play, the need to adapt and challenge traditional business models is more evident than ever in the construction industry.Rhys Harris, Morson’s Director of Engineering, Process & Construction, gives an insight into what trends are developing in construction recruitment right now:“Construction and engineering companies have always been interested in harnessing technology to either improve process, reduce costs or improve quality. The pace of technology advancements has been astonishing in the last decade and the pace of automation doesn’t look like slowing any time soon in all parts of our lives.As Bill Gates once eluded to “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency” wise words I would suggest!”What technology do you think will shake up the construction industry? Let us know on Twitter!Ready to progress your career in the construction industry? Search our latest jobs here!

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    The Artificial Intelligence Industry Report 2021: The rise of the AI jobs market

    The global AI market is set to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42.2% over the next seven years.The accelerating use of data is one of the primary drivers behind the growth of AI. The amount of data that is captured and the ease of storage and recovery means that industries ranging from the financial sector to the medical industry are looking for innovative ways to use machine learning and the advancing fields of computer vision and neural networks to structure and utilise their data.This has a direct impact on the recruitment landscape, and the UK is seeing a significant increase in the volume and breadth of data, cloud and emerging tech roles.Our Artificial Intelligence Industry report takes a deep look into the current trends in the UK artificial intelligence sector. Our insights provide information on:Locations of the top UK artificial intelligence jobsSalariesKey universitiesWe also demonstrate how we can use candidate profiling, market intelligence and targeted campaigns to ensure your business can successfully attract the next generation of artificial intelligence talent to this growing field.Download the full Artificial Intelligence Market Report below:​​With the ability to operate on all scales, we design and deliver complex projects across sectors that require specialist knowledge and expertise.The best relationships start with an open conversation, so don't hesitate to get in touch...

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    Morson Group announced as one of the best places to work

    Global talent solutions specialist, Morson Group, has been recognised as one of the best places to work, having placed on multiple regional Best Companies lists.The accreditations acknowledge the continued steps taken by Morson to create a flexible, inclusive and rewarding workplace, with the Group’s efforts seeing it ranked 66th in the top 100 businesses in the North West and 16th in the top 40 companies in Scotland. The company utilises colleague data and quantitative feedback to shape its people strategy, inform decision making and introduce new employee benefits. In the last 12 months, it has enhanced maternity and paternity pay, offered its team ‘duvet days’ to support their mental health, has introduced a flexible working policy and now provides full-pay charity days for employees to give back to the community.Additionally, it has facilitated opportunities for its most junior team members to shape company policy via one-to-one sessions with C-suite directors and has overhauled its leadership and colleague framework to provide clear pathways for progression through the ranks of the business.Katie Winstanley, head of HR for Morson Group, said:“We’ve always been a people-focused business but several years ago we decided to give our employees more of a chance to influence and be heard, to ensure we were doing the right things for them. We feel that higher employee engagement should help drive better service quality and productivity, which is fantastic at a commercial level, but more important than that is offering our team a workplace which puts them front and centre of strategy and success. For Best Companies to recognise our improvements year-on-year demonstrates our ability to listen to our colleagues, and knowing this latest accreditation is based on direct feedback from them proves the measures we have put in place to create that step change have been more than worth it. The list is so competitive, and lots of really worthy businesses feature every year but we are particularly proud to have been placed on four lists after what has been one of the most challenging periods for our team. There has been so much societal and environmental change for them, but we’ve been sure to provide consistency at work ensuring our people have remained supported in lots of different ways, so this year’s listing means even more to us.”Ged Mason OBE, CEO for Morson Group, added:“We’ve worked hard over recent years to redefine our purpose and ensure our mission for the next half a century and beyond builds on the incredible successes that we’ve had during our first 50 years in business, all whilst continuing to build a company that people want to work for and that clients want to work with. We have always been an employer brand that places people first and our workforce is empowered. Our core values were reimagined and reshaped by our employees to create a suite of guiding principles that keep what we have built successfully to be maintained, excelled and to maximise our greatest asset – our people. I’m incredibly proud that we’ve been named on multiple Best Companies lists and want to thank the entire Morson Group family of people whose passion and dedication – particularly during the challenges of COVID-19 – enabled this to happen."Want to work within the Morson family? Search our latest internal vacancies across the UK by clicking here

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    Rugby Round-Up - Salford narrowly defeated by Wigan

    ​A drop goal from former Red Devils star, Jackson Hastings proved to be the difference between the two local rivals in a hard-fought encounter at the AJ Bell stadium.The Red Devils opened the scoring inside the first ten minutes, as Harvey Livett continued his great form by running the length of the field and getting over after his interception. Livett missed the follow-up but added extra points minutes later after Salford won a penalty. Wigan soon got themselves back in the game however, as Brad Singleton powered over in front of the home fans. Salford quickly answered back in the 25th minute, as Jack Wells made an immediate impact off the bench, storming through the centre to get his first try for the club. Wigan managed to reduce the deficit minutes before half-time with Farrell getting over on the left, but Salford regained their advantage just before the interval with a second penalty from Livett. Livett continued to make his presence known as he extended Salford’s lead to six points with another successful penalty. The Warriors left it late to get back in the game as Singleton got his second try of the day and former Salford star, Jackson Hastings snatched the victory with a drop goal in the dying minutes.Salford coach, Richard Marshall gave his post-match thoughts:"The Salford attitude I love and respect was there in abundance. We were not smart enough as a group, but we will get experience through learning. We will take the good points from the game and learn from the negatives”He continued:“The difference between the teams was marginal - just a couple of moments of brilliance by a couple of their players. I thought Wigan had to work for every single inch today. There was loads of effort from us, but we need to start winning some games."​Salford next host Warrington Wolves this Thursday at the AJ Bell Stadium.

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    Ryan Thomas finishes epic Morson-backed London to Manchester charity walk for CALM mental health!

    Former Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas finished his epic 10-day charity walk in style on Wednesday 19th May as he smashed his initial fundraising target, proudly wearing his Morson cap along the way!Over the 10-day journey, which began at Buckingham Palace on 10th May and ended at Manchester Cathedral, Ryan walked the equivalent of a marathon every single day in all kinds of weather conditions with a total of nine overnight stops. His inspiration for doing the walk, which was raising money for mental health and suicide prevention charity CALM, came after he was left devastated when a much-loved friend took his own life during lockdown. The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against suicide. Every week, 125 people in the UK take their own lives, with 75% of them being male. CALM exists to change this, and their helplines are open 365 days a year for people who require support or need to talk.Ryan initially set his fundraising target at £25,000 but this was quickly surpassed and his total at the time of writing stands at almost £160,000. ​The penultimate stretch of his journey took him from the Morson Group head office at Adamson House in Salford to Old Trafford, and Morson was there alongside Manchester United legends Denis Irwin and Bryan Robson to welcome him and celebrate almost reaching his end point.“On day one I wanted to give up. Getting to the end and knowing that if you dig deep hard enough and go through the pain you can get through it – that’s kind of what the mental health element is all about. It’s breaking the barriers and proving that you can do it. I’m really happy that people have gone on that journey with me and that I’ve been inspiring people to get out of bed in the morning and make that change. I’ve had so much support and that’s what it’s all about. If one life is saved by me doing this challenge, it’s been worth it.”On the approach to Old Trafford, Ryan was accompanied by Morson CEO Ged Mason, who pledged money towards the cause. Ryan wore a Morson cap throughout his walk: “I’m so honoured that Ged and Morson have pledged their support. This is another fantastic cause that they have backed over the years, so thank you Ged and thank you to all the team at Morson.” Ryan is set to be an ambassador for CALM and continue working with them in the future.To donate to Ryan's JustGiving fundraising page, click here.With mental health at the heart of our wellbeing strategy, we trained a selection of our employees to be Mental Health First Aiders to help support our colleagues personally and professionally. Find out more here

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  • Morson Group support global accessibility day 2021

    Morson Group support Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021

    Morson Group is proud to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day by joining together with Recite Me to raise awareness of the importance of creating a digital world where more than one billion people with disabilities or impairments can access online content barrier-free. Thursday 20th May marks Global Accessibility Awareness Day’s 10th anniversary, a key date in our calendar to get everyone talking, thinking, and learning about digital access and inclusion. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) world report, 15% of the world’s population are living with a disability. Of this number, it’s estimated that 1 in 5 people do not have access to the assistive technology they need. Every online user deserves a first-rate digital experience. Someone with access needs due to disabilities or impairments must be able to experience web-based services, content, and other digital products with the same successful outcome as those without disabilities. To support everyone online with visual and nonvisual disabilities, we have created an inclusive website to enable all staff, customers, and other website users to customise their online experience in a way that works best for them. Joining Recite Me we are on a mission to create an inclusive digital world enabling everyone ease of access to our online information and resources. Over the past 12 months together we have seen over 2 million people using the toolbar, viewing over 10 million pages in a way that best suits their individual needs. Rebekah Lee, Group Head of Marketing at Morson Group commented:"As a recruitment agency, Morson are gatekeepers who can open the doors to the world of work for people with disabilities. Therefore, we have a responsibility to our candidate community to reduce the barriers in place that may hold people back from applying for roles. Recite Me technology ensures every part of our recruitment process is accessible to everyone, from browsing to making an application. By employing Recite Me, we can ensure that every candidate gets an equal chance at developing their career by being able to access the same opportunities to gain and maintain employment.”When visiting our website people can use our accessibility and language support tools to create a unique and customisable user experience. Support options include text to speech functionality, fully customisable styling features, reading aids, and a translation tool with over 100 languages, including 35 texts to speech voices and many other features. Together, we can build an inclusive online world. This starts by creating awareness on an individual or organisational level and helping others to understand the opportunities presented by inclusion. We can all make a positive difference together, so let's join the journey to an inclusive world.Find out more about Morson's journey with Recite Me here, and start your accessible jobs search with us here.

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    The 5 biggest perils of tech start up culture

    ​There are a lot of stereotypes that people think of when someone mentions a ‘tech start-up’.Many of these stereotypes can be very positive. Company culture is one of the driving factors for recruiting the right tech candidates and making sure yours is attractive to the kinds of people you want to employ is crucial.Often, tech start up culture shapes up in a certain way often because tech-focused individuals (increasingly dominated by millennials and Gen Z-ers) tend to thrive best under certain conditions. This can be a combination of factors, from a more relaxed atmosphere to flatter management structures. However, it’s important to remember that there are hidden perils associated with tech start up culture that can be detrimental to performance and ultimately success. We highlight five key issues that can be faced – and how to remedy them:Overspending If your tech start up has recently received it's first round of funding or is in its very earliest days, the temptation can be to spend lots of money on ‘company culture’ related paraphernalia. A great open plan office space with plenty of leisure activities, breakout areas with games machines and indoor sports can be great (not to mention really enticing to potential hires) but spending a lot of money early doors can be very troublesome, particularly if your product hasn’t launched yet. Concentrate on what is important at the start – getting your product finished and launched. Without sufficient revenue, your business can’t succeed. Concentrating on the wrong thing early on can distract from this and make employees lose focus. Get the product out there and commercially successful. The vintage arcade machines can follow. A culture that’s too relaxedFlexible company culture can be great. Without the rigidity of a more formal corporate organisation, teams can thrive and be as creative as they want, setting their own working conditions and even hours. Often in a looser culture, employees buy into the start up as if it were their own, taking personal ownership of the successes and dedicating just as much (often much more) time than they would in a standard 9am – 5pm. However, the potential drawbacks of this are clear. Allowing informality and flexibility to go too far can lead to a loss of productivity and drive. Striking a balance is key, because a company culture lacking in basic rules can quickly descend into a very expensive house party.Who’s the boss?According to research, millennials are changing the power structures of the workplace. The whitepaper ‘Millennials at Work’ by PricewaterhouseCoopers states that:“Millennials tend to be uncomfortable with rigid corporate structures and turned off by information silos. They expect rapid progression, a varied and interesting career and constant feedback. In other words, millennials want a management style and corporate culture that is markedly different from anything that has gone before.” Rather than a traditional hierarchy, the ‘holocracy’ of a flat management structure allows for a function-based organisation, with a focus on the product rather than chains of command. Given the prevalence of millennials within tech start ups, this is often the structure they ultimately adopt, as a group of individuals who collaborate towards an end goal.One issue that can arise from this is that as soon as there is a problem that requires decision, it is unclear who is meant to be steering the ship and making said decision. This can lead to everything falling apart very quickly. Leadership is necessary for when immediate decisions needs to be made, so make sure, however flat your structure, that you have someone ultimately holding the reins.Emotional decision makingWe understand – your tech start up is your baby. The culture can feel a lot more like family than a lot of corporate businesses, and a laid-back atmosphere can be valuable and productive. That said, a family feel can make it a lot more tricky to make difficult decisions, particularly if it comes to having to let an employee go who isn't performing.As difficult as it may be, the success of the business must come first, particularly in the early days when revenue isn’t guaranteed. If a colleague isn’t pulling their weight, it’s important to put the emotional element aside and make the best decision for the business. Set expectations, boundaries and KPI’s to make sure everyone is on the same page and limit the emotional decision making.Overtime, the whole timeA tech start up can be a busy and stressful place. There is a lot of pressure, particularly in the early months as the team race to develop the product. With a more casual culture potentially allowing people to be more flexible with their working hours, it’s important to make sure that members of the team aren’t working overtime, all the time.Making the office a desirable place to be is great, but it’s important that people maintain a work-life balance. Make sure people are working realistic hours, even during busy times. It can be tempting for employees themselves to put the extra hours in, and that’s fine in moderation. Tech start up employees are known for their drive and investment in making the business work – it’s just important that this doesn’t spill over in unhealthy working practices. Finally, it’s important to remember that the stereotypical tech start up culture attitude is not for every business. Grow organically, find out what works and monitor it. If it’s done correctly the results can be an incredibly happy, productive team that will innovate at a rapid pace. Just be careful to avoid the common pitfalls.Find out how Morson can be your partner to the possible and help scale your business through our Recruitment Process Outsourcing brand, RPOne.

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    J Murphy and Sons: full visibility of the contractor workforce

    ​“Morson show such willingness to understand our briefs, down to the finest detail, and advise us correctly on how to approach our varying recruitment needs. Since working together, we’ve welcomed higher quality candidates into our ranks, have a streamlined process and have made major time and cost savings.” - Ian Holcroft, procurement director for MurphyContinually in need of the industry’s most skilled labour to support its own teams and meet sophisticated specifications for projects across rail, energy, natural resources and other sectors, J Murphy and Sons required greater control over its contractor workforce to achieve costs savings and improved governance. Having never had a dedicated contingent recruitment partner in place and regularly spending millions of pounds a year on hiring, it went out to tender to source an expert that could create a more efficient strategy. In our case study with Murphy we cover:Process overhaul - With extensive experience in engineering, construction, rail, highways, and other technical industries, Morson Talent acts at a strategic level to understand a business’ overarching objectives so that it can deliver suitable skillsets from a talent perspective.Tangible success - Over the last two years, the partnership has prospered to the extent Morson’s recruitment provision has contributed to Murphy’s delivery, growth and success in the market.Murphy's future needs - Originally appointing Morson on a two-year contract, Murphy has recently extended its partnership to further leverage the success of the strategic relationship, generate continued cost savings and seek ongoing support concerning future regulatory hurdles.​Read the full article here​

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    Rugby Round Up: Sale edge closer to play-offs with dramatic win!

    ​Sale Sharks edged closer to a play-off spot in dramatic fashion with another thrilling win! Bath 20- 24 Sale Sharks Former Sharks center, Cam Redpath opened the scoring early against his old side as he went over on the left-hand side. Sale quickly responded and leveled the score inside the first ten minutes, as a brilliant team move featuring a slick under the legs offload from AJ MacGinty saw the ball work its way to JP du Preeze to crash over. Josh Bayliss restored the lead for the home side in the 19th minute, but Byron McGuigan responded with a try for Sale after Faf found him to go over in the corner. AJ missed the follow-up. Priestland’s kick at goal shortly after extended Bath’s lead, however Sale showed the grit and fight that has been ever-present this season, with Simon Hammersley getting over to get Sale on level terms again. Priestland edged the home side ahead with another penalty, with a tricky period beginning for Sale as they were reduced to 13 men, with Wiese and Quirke being yellow carded. The Sharks yet again showed that they have no problem doing things the hard way this season, as Curtis Langdon powered over from the maul and AJ added the extras to secure a sixth consecutive win heading into a huge final three games against fellow play-off rivals Bristol Bears, Harlequins, and Exeter. Alex Sanderson gave his post-match thoughts:“I am elated at winning, and frustrated at how we won but we are a very difficult side to beat and we have proved that time after time. We need to be better disciplined and the next three games are going to be massive. We are going to play one of those teams twice.”​​Bath: de Glanville; Watson, Clark, Redpath, Muir; Priestland, Chudley; Schoeman, du Toit, Thomas, Spencer, Ewels, Bayliss, Underhill, Mercer. Replacements: Doughty, Bhatti, Judge, McNally, Faletau, Spencer, Bailey, Cokanasiga. Sin-bin: Ewels (76). Sale: Hammersley; McGuigan, S James, Hill, Yarde; MacGinty, de Klerk, Rodd, van de Merwe, Oosthuizen, Phillips, JP du Preez, Wiese, T Curry, JL du Preez. Replacements: Langdon, Morozov, Harper, Neild, B Curry, Quirke, Wilkinson, Doherty. Sin-bin: Wiese (57), Quirke (60), McGuigan (79). ​

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