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SAFETY ON THE ROAD | Find out how Vital Human Resources, part of the Morson Group, have been leading the way in on-site safety for track operatives across the country >

Close call reporting is now even easier with our new safety app. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play to report close calls on the go.

The safety of our workforce is a fundamental value to the Morson Group. We place safety at the forefront of our business by developing initiatives like Work Safe, Home Safe, and committing to industry frameworks for continuous improvement.

“We live the Safety core value by planning and working safely. We intervene if situations or the behaviours of others are unsafe, and promote our initiative Work Safe, Home Safe across the business.” 

Gareth Morris | Associate Director

Safety is a core value of Morson International and the safety of our workforce is an integral part of our business. Our aim is to attain standards of health and safety in the workplace that exceeds legal requirements and Approved Codes of Practice. To achieve this we are developing a sustainable system and culture to help us deliver a safe and efficient service to our clients. We will strive to create collaborative working practices with our clients to ensure the safety of the workforce engaged at the client’s workplace.

Health, safety, and the respect of the environment are integral parts of Morson’s fundamental performance. We continually work towards the establishment of advanced formal management systems for Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS).

Work Safe Home Safe


Promoting safe behaviour in the workplace is a critical part of the management of health and safety because behaviour turns policies and procedures into reality. We recognise that good systems alone will not eradicate the risk of harm in the workplace. We need to evolve the culture of the workforce to achieve zero harm. 

The benefits of a behavioural safety approach are;

  • A personal commitment to safe behaviour and intervention
  • A management commitment in improving safety
  • The increased profile of Health and Safety throughout the business
  • The workforce engagement in safety
  • The workforce learn to act promptly on unsafe acts or behaviour

To help achieve this we have created a behavioural safety initiative called Work Safe Home Safe. Our aim is for our entire workforce to understand the need for personal cultural change and to understand how to embed safe working in individual responsibilities in the workplace.

We believe that addressing safety behaviours in addition to the continual development of company policies and processes provides a balanced approach that may be tailored to the specifics of each workplace and client.

Third (3rd) Party Approvals


The Morson Safety App | Making Safety Reporting Simple

Our close call app, simplifies and streamlines the reporting process into one simple form onscreen.

Donwnload the app from the App Store or Google Play to confidentially input a description of the incident or hazard, with the option to add a photo.

Once submitted, the report is sent to the health and safety teams across the Group, as well as the relevant operational directors.