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Approved Suppliers Global

> Access Financial Services (Worldwide)

Access Financial (AF) is a world leader in workforce management solutions, and our expertise lies in:

  • Ensuring full compliance with all the tax and other legal requirements in the work country.
  • Ensuring that the workforce uses all the available legal means to maximise their net take-home pay.

If controlling your risk; saving your money and conserving your time is of interest to you and your business then please contact AF today:

Cyprus +357 25 820 640 Switzerland +41 22 365 4620 United Kingdom + 44 20 7017 3116  info@accessfinancial.ch

> Constellation Global

Constellation Global provides outsourced immigration, local payroll and management solutions for contractors throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia, North America and Africa.  They offer services in more than 70 countries and all are fully complaint in accordance with local legislation.  Constellation Global constantly monitor changes in local immigration and fiscal legislation to ensure that a contract is complaint throughout the entire contract term and managed in the most tax efficient way.


Each contractor is allocated their own Personal Account Manager who will take control of the day to day running of a contract.   They are there to answer any questions and to ensure the smooth running of the contract.  Payments are processed as soon as received to ensure funds are with a contractor at the earliest available opportunity.

Please feel free to contact their team to discuss their services in greater detail: please call us at: +44 (0) 207 148 0908 or e-mail us at: sales@constellation-global.com

> CXC Global-For compliant contracting solutions around the world

We’ve been providing solutions for contracted workers for more than 20 years and operate in more than 40 countries worldwide. Our coverage includes The UK, Europe, Middle East, The Americas and APAC

Affiliated to PCG and Accredited by APSCo and Professional Passport we currently manage in excess of 8,000 contractors globally, and it’s easy to see why so many businesses across the globe consider us the experts in contractor management.

As well as being among the most experienced operators in our industry, we are also one of the easiest to work with. You can sign up with CXC quickly and easily, with a minimum of fuss and very little admin. Our staff boast as much experience as the company as a whole, and will be on hand throughout your contract to ensure that our solutions remain successful and easy to follow.

As well as receiving attractive and competitive income retentions, contractors who choose to work with us needn’t worry about compliance. All of our solutions are fully compliant, and not only that, but CXC take full responsibility for ensuring the compliance of our contractors, so any liability falls with us, not you. We provide our contractors with a dedicated contractor care consultant for the duration of service, allowing contractors with any queries or issues to have them cleared up quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

For more information: Call us: +44 (0) 207 374 6957  Email us: eurosales@cxcglobal.co.uk Visit us: www.cxcglobal.co.uk

> EXP/Nuage

EXP/Nuage belong to a network of companies able to provide fiscal, payroll and immigration services across Europe, Middle East, parts of Africa and Asia. Our group specialises in service delivery and efficient handling of temporary workers. We work in several industries which include Construction, Oil & Gas, SAP, IT/Telecoms, IT Software, Engineering and many more.

With over 10 years of experience in the market, EXP/Nuage have all the resources and knowledge needed to ensure that we can offer bespoke tailor-made solutions and ensure a seamless transition into working and settling in the various countries we cover. In addition, we specialise in providing the highest quality support and advice to contractors, agencies and their customers with regards to payroll, accounting, tax and social security, fiscal responsibilities

The EXP/Nuage company network covers all contract administration, accounting practices, company insurances, Compliance support between home country, and working country, general fiscal affairs, payroll, banking information, accommodation support, and private medical support. All the companies provide relevant professional indemnity, public and product liability cover as well as Employer’s liability where necessary.

Address: 207 Regent St, 3rd Floor, London, United Kingdom W1B 3HH E-mail: enquiries@exp-international.com Website: http://www.exp-international.com/ Contact: +44(0)203 503 0198


Introduction – The Innovare Group offers project and workforce management solutions. Started in 2001, Innovare has managed more than 8000 contractors in multiple industries including Information Technology, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Banking and Pharmaceuticals. Innovare provides a comprehensive one-stop support service for contractors intending to work abroad and serves as a catalyst to bring talent into countries which require specialized skills. By having a good local knowledge and working closely with advisors, we ensure the smooth transition of talent into the countries of work.  Innovare provides solutions in Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam and more.

Services and Benefits – Innovare has a team of specialists and experienced support personnel – all committed to providing contractors, recruiters and client companies with

  • Immigration Advice and Assistance
  • Application & Sponsorship of Work and Residence Permits
  • Preparation and Lodging of Tax Returns
  • Payroll Administration
  • Handling Social Security Payments
  • Billing and Collection of Proceeds to Contractors
  • General Advice on Working in Country of Work

Innovare has been working with Morson International for about a decade.  By leaving the care and administration to Innovare, Morson can be rest assured that their contractors will be well managed while they focus on the matching of candidates and clients.

Contractors need to be compliant with the country’s tax and social security regulations. Therefore, it is beneficial for them to deal with a single specialist who has the local knowledge.  Contractors can then focus on the requirements of their jobs and relax during their free time. Where a tax efficient structure can be put in place, it will benefit the contractors further.

Innovare has consistently provided support to its recruiters, contractors and clients. Innovare is now established as a major player in providing contractor managed services in Asia Pacific and beyond.

Corporate Social Responsibility – To contribute back to the society, Innovare has expanded our reach to the less fortunate. Over the years, Innovare has, via association with non-profit associations, supported ex-prisoners seeking second chances by supporting a halfway house in Singapore and also an orphanage in Myanmar.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact our sales team:

Belinda Yu, Regional Manager Tel:  +65 6336 7966  Mob: +65 9689 4736  Belinda.Yu@innovare-group.com     

Karen Ferrer, Customer Service Manager Tel: +65 6336 7966  Mob: +65 9010 8067 Karen.Ferrer@innovare-group.com

For more information, do visit www.Innovare-group.com

  • > I-PAYE
  • I-PAYE is a Specialist Employment Management Company (Umbrella) that provides employment solutions for individuals working at client sites in the United Kingdom and Overseas.

    Working Internationally

    The full range of our international services can be viewed at www.i-paye.com. In brief if you are a UK or other EU Contractor considering going on assignment in Europe or further afield you will need specific and professional advice on your options. Operating through a standard Umbrella or Limited Company model may be costly in terms of Tax and your personal freedom. More information is available from our Dedicated European Account and Compliance Team:


    Georgia Doherty (Account Manager) Direct Line 0151 443 6403 or email georgia.doherty@i-paye.com

    Nichola Jackson (New Starters, Compliance and Contracts) Direct Line 0151 443 3105 or email nichola.jackson@i-paye.com

    On our site you will also find a link to our sister company, ACCA registered business SPi Accountancy, should you wish to discuss whether a Limited Company option is appropriate.