New Year New You? Why You Shouldn’t Change Your Bad Habits

Resolutions Galore

It’s that time of year again when everyone decides to conjure up a number of New Year’s resolutions whether that be health, work or lifestyle changes. Let’s face it, you probably made the exact same decisions last year and where did that lead you? Another year on and that amazing personal transformation is yet to happen, let alone be accomplished and all you feel is disappointment. Sound familiar? What’s wrong with the 2016 you anyway.

The New Year Fear

The words ‘new year’ typically give us the fear in ourselves that we have to change. However, truthfully what is the difference between the 31st December 2016 and the 1st January 2017? They’re just a few innocent numbers on our calendars, so are they really a rational justification to start hammering out the gym, depriving ourselves from leftover Christmas cheese and joining every job agency out there? Maybe not. Change should happen because it’s something you really want and most importantly, be achievable. Instead of a complete life overhaul, New Year could be a chance to evaluate your priorities and what’s important to you, rather than ‘what you think you should do’. Endless unrealistic goals simply lead to giving up altogether.

Why Change What Works

Ultimately, you have survived so far, 2016 has been and gone. Therefore, should we change what works for the sake of it, maybe you’re happy with the way everything is. According to recent trends, searches for ‘should I quit my job’ dipped to the lowest for 2016 over the festive period, so don’t feel pressured into joining the resolution craze. Perhaps we’re all just following tradition more willingly than we ourselves realise.

On the other hand, if all of the above doesn’t resonate with you and you have that ‘New you, New Career’ feeling, then check out our latest jobs here.

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